Can I Change the Size of the Light Panel?

The size of the Light Panel is coded into our software. Therefore, it cannot be altered.

We are not allowing the size of the Light Panel to be changed, for a few reasons.

  1. We prefer to stay with one version of the software for scaling images.  Managing multiple versions of software creates a high risk of parts being scaled incorrectly i.e., the wrong version of software used on an image.
  2. If you make the light panel larger the Camera would need to by further away from the light panel to avoid shadowing.
  3. In many cases, a 2D photo is not the best method for large and thick parts that extend across the entire light panel.

Solutions for large and /or thick parts:

  1. A Long part that is not too thick, such as a large wrench, can be imaged on the standard panel by taking two photos.  Each photo should have a flag, solid color tape works well.
  2. Convert CAD data with our Slicer Software.
  3. Create a simple shape with the Tool Commander to hold the part
OSAAP is working on a Beta of a 3D scanning system that will work with our standard light panel as well as larger light panels.  The system will generate a .stl file that can be saved with your project.  Look for updates on the development project on our website throughout Q1 of 2020.