Can I use My Own Camera?

It is not recommended to use a camera other than those supplied by OSAAP.

We have had trouble with cameras that auto focus and change the exposure time based on the lighting in the photo.

If You Choose To Use Your Own Camera...
We require that you send in 20 photos from your camera with different amounts of quarters on the OSAAP light panel.  We will scan in the images, collect the data, and send you back a report outlining the resulting standard deviation.  
The cost of the study is $500.00.

The Camera's We Supply:

  • Canon Powershot ELPH 135 16 MP Camera is standard equipment with the Hard and Fabric portable light cases.
  • The Canon Rebel T5 or T6 18 MP Camera is standard with the Light Station with EF-S 18-55 IS II Lense Kit