How Do I Change What Shows Up in my Material Library?

When Blue Shadow is  installed, it creates a Setup folder that is used to provide updates to the Material Library and contains the default files. Within that folder changes/updates can be made.

Further Information:

  1. When Blue Shadow is  installed, it creates a Setup folder that is used to provide updates to the Material Library and contains the default files
  2. When Blue Shadow runs from within Program Files, it stores the active Material Library under the User’s account.
    1. You can access this by right-clicking on the main toolbar within the Blue Shadow application, and then selecting “Materials\Open Material Library”
      1.  If Blue Shadow was installed in a different location, the Material Library may be located within the same directory
    2. From within this folder, you can delete material codes that you do not wish to have available when creating new boards within Blue Shadow
      1. This is a nice feature if you only need to design using a smaller selection of materials
      2. You must restart Blue Shadow or use the Reload feature
    3. To Add Material Codes:
      1.  Material Codes can be requested from OSAAP Technologies, if they do not exist within your Setup\Library
      2.  Adding or updating a material code file to the active material library is best performed by simply Drag-Drop into Blue Shadow
    4. You can also add files directly to the active materials library folder, but this will         require restarting Blue Shadow or using the Reload feature to update its         listing
    5. There is a Sync and Reload Material library feature from the main toolbar context menu, under       “Materials”
      1.  Sync will search and compare the latest files in the Setup\Library and will update any existing material code files to the latest version
      2. Reload can be used if manual changes were performed within the active Material Library.
    6. Restore
      1. There is a restore feature that will restore the active material library back to the version found within the Setup\Library
        1. Simply delete all material codes within the Active Material Library (make a backup, if so desired)
        2. Restart Blue Shadow and the contents of Setup\Library will be copied to the Active material         library
  3. If you want to know what a specific Material Code is that is existing in the active material library
    1. Simply start Blue Shadow, Select new for a new board
    2. The Material Library is shown. Hover over a material icon and the tool tip will display the       material code and details about the material type.
      1.  Material Codes start with MAT
      2.  Material Codes and their settings are created and managed by OSAAP Technologies
    3. You can request special material codes for a small fee
  4. Special note about Material Code files and Blue Shadow branding
    1. Blue Shadow branding is defined for a specific manufacturing site / web portal.
      1. Material codes that have been defined as not supported will not be made available for use within Blue Shadow for that brand.
      2. If there are issues or you require changes, please notify OSAAP Technologies