How Do I Take Pictures Of A Tool That is Longer Than The Light Panel?

If your tool is too long to fit on the Light Panel we can still think about using the image capture software. If the tool has a long straight section, as most long torque wrenches do, then we can process the tool.

Step 1

Put a flag on the tool with tape.  Make sure to leave a flag hanging out to use for alignment later.

Step 2

Take two photos of the tool (one of each side of the tool).  Make sure the flag you applied to the tool is in both photos.

Step 3

Upload the tool photos as scan photos to your web portal. 


When laying the tool on the light panel/tower be sure that none of the corners are covered. If there is a part of the tool covering or obscuring a corner of the light panel the picture will be unusable

We will then edit the two photos for you as shown in the video below.  If you have photo editing ability you are welcome to edits the photos as shown here yourself as well.