I don't remember my Webportal Login

The email address project@america.osaaponline.net sends out a project creation email with your username and password.

If you have lost or do not remember your webportal login there are many ways to re-attain it! Firstly, check your email inbox for messages from project@america.osaaponline.net, this email address sends out updates from our system. In each update from project@america.osaaponline.net it will provide your username and password.

  • Your Username will always be your project number
  • The password for your login is auto-generated

If you do not have any emails from project@america.osaaponline.net it is likely that you do not have a webportal login. To create one, reach out to your designated sales representative.

Note, you can also reach out to sales@osaapamerica.com whom can provide you with your username and password at anytime.