Step #6: Setting Depths for Cut-Outs

Drop-Down 4: 3D View Depth Management/3D Viewer

From this drop-down you can edit the depths for milling your foam layout design. Our scanning process is more 2.5D than 3D, meaning that we set a default of 15mm for the depth. We do not learn the depth when scanning in the .jpg image you took on the Light Panel. The default depth then needs to be manually adjusted to the correct depth during the foam layout and design process.

The "Autodepth" feature only works when the width of the part is equal to the diameter of the part. The auto depth feature is specific to cylinders; we usually use it for inputting socket depths. The tool uses the width of a tool to calculate the diameter and then the depth, because of this the orientation of the tool is important. In order for the tool's depth to be calculated correctly using the auto depth feature it needs to be in a VERTICAL orientation.

Related Short-Cut Keys
"I" = Information, this will show the item numbers and depths on the design
"X"= This is used to separate part of a tool to create a multidepth
"P"= This joins a tool back together after being cut using the "X" shortcut

Video Tutorial:

How to Set the Depth of the Cut-Outs in your Foam Layout Design