Step #7: Checking, Editing, & Saving

Checking, Editing, and Saving Your Blue Shadow Design

Video Tutorial

  • When you press the "Check Layout" button under "Check and Save" you will be able to see if your board will be accepted for manufacturing.
    • If the tools are surrounded by a green border they are okay and ready to be milled upon inspection by our design team.
    • If the tools are surrounded by a red border they are not okay and need editing
Once your board is checked and accepted by the program you can save the design...
By looking under the "Check and Save" drop down you can select a .bord or .jpeg save
  • In order to save your board correctly you need to save it as a .bord
    • .bord save is intended for when you are ready to send the design to us or upload to your web portal
  • If you save as a jpeg it will save as a picture and will not be in the correct format to be milled
    • the jpeg ca save either the normal 2D view or the 3D view
  • Saving as a .tool file
    • A .tool file will save specifically what singular part is selected on the design
    • If you want to export a tool to save for another design this is how you would do it.
      • these tools once saved will have the ability to be clicked and dragged onto any board design in the future from your files. 
  • Saving as a .csv control file
    • this will save the entire design

Saving Tutorial Video