What does the Tool with Default Depths Message Mean?

ALL tools are set to 15mm as a default once the images are scanned into the software.

You can check the depth by pressing the "I" key on your keyboard; for information.  Tools default depths will be purple in color as shown below. 
After hitting the "i" key on your keyboard you will see three different color texts depicting the depth of each tool
  • If your text is PINK that means that the tool is still at its default depth
  • If the text is GREEN then the tool is set to a custom depth
  • If the text it YELLOW then the tool has a multi-depth 
If you attempt to save the file before changing the depths; you will get the message "Tool with Default Depths Detected".
You can still save the file over the message.
The purpose of the message is to remind the user to change the depths.
Forgetting to change the depths from the default depth, is the most common mistake users make